Custom Paint Trophy

Custom Paint Jobs

Another highlight of the Edmonton Slot Car Club is the custom paint job service offered by Ted Hutchinson! Using a silhouette cameo vinyl cutter to make the various paint masks, he can paint almost anything onto the body of a slot car so long as it is a Clear Lexan Body. His paint jobs were recognized at the 2013 USRA Division 1 Nat's as best in class Spec 12 and Amateur Box Stock 12. Shown below are just a few examples of his work, comprised of both a central image, surrounding color, and even typography which can include the racer's name and/or number.

Paint Information

Custom paint jobs can only be done on Clear Lexan Bodies, however almost anything can be requested! If you have any questions regarding possible designs, feel free to ask Ted about it beforehand.

If interested in a custom paint job, just give Ted a call and it can be discussed what you would like on the body.

Note: For both designs, Ted requires to have the car to make the body length correct.

Paint Job Prices

Complete air control body$20.00 USD
Complete scale car body$17.00 USD
There may be extra costs depending upon the design you are looking for, however they would all be discussed prior to the design and build of the paint job.